Friday, November 26, 2010

sleepless in phoenix

i made the mistake of having my first cup of coffee in nearly 2 weeks, so here are some pictures of food.

tacos on the porch in may

sushi in the living room, probably also from may

high fire danger in the prescott national forest means dinner is cooked over our camping "stove" (july, i think)

soy dogs in the blanket at the ten-x campground, near the grand canyon (june)

cabbage, tofu, walnuts, and other stuff (july)

that's about all the pictures i can find, food-wise. the rest of the collection mostly involves pictures of me doing silly things. joe loves to pull out the camera at opportune times...such as when i'm sleeping with a giant orange helmet on, wearing a Trader Joe's bag over my head, or studying with my hood tied so tightly only my eyes are showing. you know, the kind of pictures no one is interested in seeing.


Dave Tanis said...

Wow! You're blogging again! Keep up the posts. We always check!

Anne said...

I want to see these photos! They sound so very Clayre.

The food photos are great though - especially enjoying te little glimpses of your apartment with them. Tacos on the porch looks/sounds lovely.